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school sign, panel sign, post and panel sign, entrance sign, school entrance sign
school sign, panel sign, post and panel sign, entrance sign, school entrance sign

Latest News

  • Playground Equipment

    Signs Now is delighted to announce a new partnership with a neighbouring company - Sunshine Gym

    Sunshine Gym are a leading supplier of playground equipment in the UK with a well-deserved repurtation for quality and safety.

    Signs Now is expert at visiting schools to survey your premises and to reccommend equipment that we can install for you.

    So, if you are looking to procure playground equipment for your school please let us know and we would be happy to come and see you to talk about it




  • Our 20th Anniversary

    Signs Now UK started in 1997 and took our very first order in March that year - for a mighty £10

    In the 20 years since then we have passed a number of milestones:

    • We have manufactured over £32,000,000 of orders
    • We have managed over 45,000 projects
    • We have worked with more than 16,000 clients
    • We have supplied signs to over 600 schools
    • We have supplied signs to over 100 colleges
    • We have been awarded Sign Business of the Year (2008)
    • We have been awardeded Sign Project of the Year (2016)


  • School Customer Satisfaction

    Since Signs Now started making and installing signs for schools back in 1997 we have operated a system of thanking our customers for their business and asking them for feedback on our performance.

    Many of the testimonials you will find on our site came from these surveys.

    Over the last 5 years 267 schools have kindly replied to our email.

    138 described our service as Excellent

    73 described our service as Very Good

    32 described our service as Good and 18 as OK

  • A Picture paints a Thousand words

    We often associate school corridor walls with either a drab blandness or a cluttered confusion of all kinds of documents pinned to noticeboards.

    Signs Now is able to offer you a product where the wall can be covered with images that are relevant to your school.

    This could be photos of people and actvities within your school or it could be images relevant to topics that your school is currently addressing.

    It is exciting, colourful, provides some protection for the walls, and conveys an impression that not even a thousand words could manage.

  • Responsibility and Liability for Signage

    In a recent court case, a judge had to consider the tragic case of a woman left brain-damaged after a sign fell on to her. The sign had been in place for 9 years but a severe storm caused the sign to fall. The judge found the property owner guilty of neglecting to check on the safety of the sign. The judge also found the sign maker to be guilty of not advising the safe life of the sign.

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